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Bold Predictions For The 2019 NFL Season


he great thing about being a sports commentator is you don’t really have to know anything…you just have to sound like you do. So, with the new NFL season kicking-off on Thursday, with Green Bay visiting Chicago, now’s the time when the “bold, brilliant & bankable” predictions start seeping out. Here’s how Men’s Journal sees the 2019 season playing out. Keep this one until the end of the year to find out how smart…or full of crap…they are.

  • The Patriots won’t win the Super Bowl. The last time anyone repeated was in 2004-2005, and…yes…it was the Patriots, but not this year.
  • Aaron Rodgers will have the “best season of his career.”
  • Of the aging quarterbacks out there, Ben Roethlisberger will see his drop-off first.
  • Of last year’s terrible teams, one will make the playoffs…probably Tampa Bay.
  • The collective bargaining agreement ends in 2020, so watch for the labor war to start firing up.
  • Watch for less defense and more points.
  • Baker Mayfield-to-O’Dell Beckham, Jr. “will become the next Montana-to-Rice”
  • There’ll be less injuries, but the ones that happen will be ugly.
  • The two best running backs in the league will play for New York teams.
  • The NFL will “hold out on gambling.” It all lies in reliable injury updates.
  • The most intense rivalries will get even more intense.
  • Cam Newton is the Comeback Player of the Year.
  • The “karma gods” will get even with Kansas City after thriving for having a couple guys on the team that shouldn’t have been allowed on the field.
  • The Super Bowl halftime show will be lamer than ever.
  • Rob Gronkowski will return to the game in November.

Source: Men’s Journal

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