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Baseball Fan Signed by A’s After Throwing 96 In Viral Video


We’ve all been to a ball game and seen those “speed pitch” attractions. It’s where you throw a baseball, and a radar gun is there to remind you why you’ll never have a career in professional baseball. But that wasn’t the case for 23-year-old Nathan Patterson.

He was enjoying a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field when he decided to throw a few. It’s a good thing for him that someone was taking video of his pitches, because he casually threw at speeds of 94 and 96-miles-per-hour. The video caught fire online and ended up catching the attention of scouts with the Oakland A’s organization. Just a couple of days later, Patterson was signed to a minor league deal with the team.

Patterson’s trainer? Former MLB pitcher Jerod Parker. “The sky’s the limit for someone who can throw 96,” says Parker. “The ball just sounds different when it comes out of (Patterson’s) hand.” A fast-track to the pros is nowhere near a done deal, though. He’ll be starting out in the Arizona summer league and see how it goes from there. Fast is one thing, but now he has to learn to command it. Still, it’s awesome when an opportunity like this pops into a guy’s lap. In the meantime, Patterson’s just grateful for the chance. << see audio to right >>

Source: NBC News

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