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Mummified Body Found In Apartment Of Man Who Died 11 Years Ago


I’m guessing this guy didn’t often have people over. French authorities are looking into the death of a tenant that was discovered inside his apartment. It appears the man had passed away over a decade ago and was in a state of mummification.

Authorities are saying that the man appeared to pass away 11 years ago without anyone noticing until just recently after the landlord decided to check in on him. Items in the apartment indicated he passed away in 2008.

The man that discovered the mummified body said he had not seen the tenant in a while. The body was dated using food expiration dates, magazines and delivered mail as well. The discovery is not being treated as suspicious but a full autopsy will be conducted to accurately date the remains and officials will be focusing on determining the identity of the deceased individual.

Source: Newsweek 

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