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Study: Women Have As Many Sex Dreams As Men

We’re still a long way from closing the gender pay gap, but it seems there’s at least one place women and men are more equal today – their erotic dreams. According to a new study from Germany, women are having more sex dreams than they did 50 years ago and now they’re having as many as men do.

Researchers polled 2,907 participants ages 16 to 92 about their dreams and found that for both men and women, an average of 18% of all dreams were naughty in nature – which also includes “sexually motivated” acts, like flirting or kissing. The research shows women ages 16 to 30 are actually having three times as many sexy dreams as they did 50 years ago, which puts them on par with men. Men in the 16 to 30 age group experienced erotic dreams about 25% of the time, compared to women at 22%.

Similar studies from 1966 (before the “sexual revolution”) and 1998 show just under 4% of women reported sex dreams. So why are women having so many more dirty dreams these days? Study authors suggest it could be because younger women deal with sexuality more openly than women in previous generations.

Source: New York Post

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