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Police: Woman Eats Half A Cake, Then Demands To Pay Half Price


I’m fairly certain that discounts at grocery stores don’t count if you eat the food while shopping. However, that didn’t stop a woman in Texas from entering a Walmart and trying to get herself a big 50% discount.

The woman went into a Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas last week, picked up a cake at the bakery, and then proceeded to eat half of it as she walked around the store. Then when she got to the register, she said she wasn’t going to pay full price for the cake because only half of it was left.

She refused to pay more than half price for half of the cake even though the other half was in her stomach. Not surprisingly,  the store wound up calling the cops. The woman wasn’t arrested and the store took it a step further by banning her from the store.

Source: TimesRecordNews

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