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Another Air Canada Passenger Claims They Were Left On Plane

You would think Air Canada would do a better job of making sure their airplanes are actually empty before the crew leaves them. Apparently not, since less than a week after the airline admitted to leaving a passenger stranded, another passenger is claiming they were left alone on a plane for an hour before a maintenance worker found her.

Pamela Prescod, 69, claims she was left stranded on an aircraft after it landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The visually impaired woman, who was returning from an extended trip to Barbados, needed help deplaning due to a number of health issues.

The plane’s crew told Prescod to wait while they retrieved a wheelchair to help her off the aircraft, but they didn’t follow through and retrieve her due to a “miscommunication among the crew,” said Air Canada in a statement.

Prescod alleges she waited an hour before a maintenance worker discovered her, and told her that if he hadn’t, she’d likely have been on the plane until 4 a.m. the following day when cleaning crews arrived.

Air Canada, however, claims to have video evidence that shows Prescod was only left on the plane for 10 to 15 minutes.

Source: CTV NEWS

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