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at Gets Stuck In Washing Machine And Survives Full Cycle


Cat’s really do have nine lives. Just ask Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff, who recently went to do a load of laundry and accidentally locked her cat in the washing machine.

She claims that she almost always checks the washer and dryer to make sure none of her three cats have climbed inside. Last week she inadvertently threw clothes in the machine without looking first, set the machine to express wash and walked away.

Forty-five minutes later, when the cycle was done, she noticed the clothes were still dripping wet. She was just about to shut the door again when she saw a single white paw sticking out from the wet laundry. It was Felix, her one-year-old cat.

When she realized what had happened, she rushed Felix to the emergency veterinarian hospital. Amazingly enough, Felix is going to recover but it’s costing Carol a pretty penny. Medical bills are already over $7,000 and a Go Fund Me page has been set up to help pay for the costs.

Source: 5NewsOnline 

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