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Here’s What Women Search For On Pornhub

Mashable and Pornhub have gotten together to find out, in honor of International Women’s Day (which was this past Friday), what women search when it comes to porn. The result are hands down in favor of the lesbian category. Interestingly, some countries like to stay with their roots. In France, the French category is the hottest trend and Germans focus on Germany kink.

Pornhub gathered the info using Google Analytics and even broke down the U.S. by state. Those searches were much more diverse. Montana is into redheads, North Dakota likes cosplay, and Kansas loves feet. By the numbers overall, women are 102-percent more likely to view “Ebony” videos and 69% more into Interracial action, Latina comes in third.

Now about the stereotype that men love lesbian porn? Woman search it 151% more than men. If you’re really curious about exactly what women search, it’s a tad NSFW, so you can check the results HERE.

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