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Woman Begins Motherhood Again At 50 After Giving Birth

Imagine being a 50-year-old woman and being told by doctors that you’re going through menopause and that the chance of you ever giving birth again was zero. Now imagine giving birth to a baby boy after that. That’s the reality for one Florida couple.

Michele Hall and her husband Jerry are the proud parents of a baby boy named Grayson who weighed in at six pounds. They already had themselves four children with the oldest being 34. Shocked is an understatement the couple says after realizing that they were adding to the family. Doctors had told Michele that she was going through menopause and the chance of getting pregnant was zero.

Based on medical records for the past 10 years, it appears 53 is the age of the oldest woman who has given birth in the hospital. Michele turns 51 in May and says that she won’t be having any more children. She made sure of that. During the C-section, Beckett removed her fallopian tubes.

Source: NaplesNews

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