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hy Bacon Is All Over Fast Food Menus Right Now


Fans of fast food may have noticed more bacon than usual on their favorite drive-thru menus lately. In the last few weeks alone, there have been Bacon Big Macs, Bacon Cheese Fries, free bacon-topped fast food for a day, and Bacon cheeseburger giveaways. But all this cheap and free bacon isn’t just a coincidence…it’s all about economics.

The price of pork right now is the lowest it’s been in about a decade and that’s thanks to Trump’s 2018 tariffs on Chinese imports. According to Inc, when the president hit China with tariffs on imports, they hit back with tariffs on U.S. products, including pork.

Several sets of tariffs have raised the tariff on American pork to a sky high 62%, which means not a lot of pork is heading to China. And that means hog farmers are lowering prices here and fast food chains get to buy bacon on the cheap, much to the delight of their bacon-loving customers. And what’s that old saying…“Cheap bacon as a result of trade wars is better than no bacon at all.”

Source: Delish

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