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The 20 Greatest Action Movies

There are some things in life that are just a given. One of those? A “best of” list that will make people argue. Our latest edition? A new “20 Greatest Action Movies” list as tallied by “Men’s Health.” We’ll just give you the list…you can take it from there.

  • “First Blood” (1982) – Before “Rambo” became a walking/talking cartoon.
  • “Kill Bill Vol 1” (2003) –For the “Crazy 88” fight alone.
  • “The Raid 2:Redemption” (2014) – How many of you have seen it?
  • “Mission Impossible –Rogue Nation” (2015) – Lots to choose from here.
  • “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2006) –They should’ve ended the series here.
  • “John Wick” (2014) –Never kill an assassin’s dog.
  • “Enter The Dragon” (1973) –What made Bruce Lee
  • “The Killer” (1989) –John Woo at his best.
  • “Aliens” (1986) – Some may think this isn’t an action movie…and they’re wrong.
  • “Mad Max:Fury Road” (2015) – Every chase scenario imaginable.
  • “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000) –Underrated by action standards.
  • “Terminator 2:Judgement Day” (1991) – Still holds a standard few can match.
  • “Bullitt” (1968) – There was no keeping Steve McQueen off the list.
  • “The French Connection” (1971) –A grizzly and unlikable star, and Gene Hackman in his prime.
  • “Seven Samurai” (1954) –Like “The Magnificent Seven,” minus two.
  • “Heat” (1995) –The bank heist scene alone makes it.
  • “The Matrix” (1999) – It spoke for a generation of action movie lovers.
  • “Die Hard” (1988) –What every action movie dreams of being.
  • “The Dark Knight” (2008) –Arguably the best super hero movie ever?
  • “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” (1981) –Campy, fun, and glorious.

And now…the floor is yours…

Source: Men’s Health

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