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Guy Loses Fantasy League And Has To Attend Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter


A 25-year-old guy in Texas named Steven Shrout joined a league this past year that his friends from high school have been playing in since 2009. Before this, he’d never played fantasy football before. So of course, he lost and as punishment, he had to put on a flesh-toned Speedo, cover himself in peanut butter and sit down in the middle of a dog park.

He actually had a choice. He could have paid the winner of the league an extra $250 or do the dog park thing. And he opted for the dogs, went to the park and let the dogs go to town while his friends filmed it from their car. Despite the punishment, he says he enjoyed the whole fantasy football thing, and he’ll probably play again next season. He may want to consider joining another league next year.

Source: FTW

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