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People Having Sex On Beach Ruining Dunes

There’s nothing like a little fun in the sun but for one world famous beach, the fun is getting out of hand. Millions of tourists flock to the white sand beaches of Es Cavallet in Ibiza and are apparently having sex when they get there.

Environmentalists and local officials are furious over this phenomenon because these people are causing massive damage to the island’s protected sand dunes.  They say the sex sessions are to blame for the erosion of the famous but “delicate” dunes, which are part of Ses Salines Natural Park.

Island newspaper Diario de Mallorca said the protected areas of the beach are closed off with fencing but these sex-driven tourists are jumping over them daily. The paper also says that Ibiza is not alone in this problem as many other beaches in Spain are also being damaged.

Source: The Sun

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