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Blind Andy’s Video of the Night (2/6/17)

Two Sumo wrestlers go head to head and it’s caught in slow motion.

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A 121-Year-Old Cat is Popular on Social Media

At 26 years and 205 days old – nearly 121 in cat years, Corduroy the cat is officially the world’s oldest, but that hasn’t stopped him from embracing the social media craze. “I set up Corduroy’s Instagram on August 13 last year,” the cat’s owner, Ashley Reed Okura, explains. “The same day Guinness World Records…


Idiot Steals Trophy At World Darts Championship

Sports can be the great wasteland of out-of-their-mind fans. Some are just crazed for the sport, some are just attention seekers, and feel the need to run butt-ass naked through their favorite team’s game. Others are just drunk idiots who want to get on TV and show-off for their friends. It seems that no sport…

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