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BA’Video of the Night (1/31/17)

. When this girl mouths off to a cop, he’s not likely to punish her…cuz it’s her dad.




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Where You Live Could Determine How You Die

These days a lot of people are eating right and exercising in order to have a long and happy life, but it turns out it may all be for nothing. In fact, new research suggests that where you live could be one of the most influential things about how you will eventually meet your ultimate demise.…


tore Allows You To Test Appliances…Including Bathtubs

Now shopping for a bathtub can be a luxurious, albeit expensive, errand. Pirch, an upscale appliance store, allows customers to “test-drive” their goods in store…including bathtubs. The New York City showroom has chefs whipping up food in the kitchen section, and offer free cooking classes on stoves that cost up to $115,000. You can walk…

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