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BA’s Video of the Night(1/3p/18)

Feel the magnetism between Gav, Dan and their special guest Mayim Bialik, as they have a smashing good time with some powerful rare earth magnets

Past BA's Videos of the night

Science: You Don’t Become An “Adult” Until Your 30s

  However, new research has come out that shows a different way to look at “adulthood.” Professor Peter Jones, of Cambridge University, has found that it can take three decades for the human brain to fully transition into an “adult” brain. Sure, most law say that 18’s the time when you can officially be judged…

*LIST* Apple Releases New Batch Of Food Emojis

  Apple has just released hundreds of new emojis and out of the 398 newbies, there are nine food-related ones. Along with other new additions like a flamingo, razor, and firefighter, the garlic emoji is finally here, just in time to protect us from vampires for Halloween. Other new food emojis include: A waffle Onion…

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