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BA’s Video of the Night(1/3p/18)

Feel the magnetism between Gav, Dan and their special guest Mayim Bialik, as they have a smashing good time with some powerful rare earth magnets

Past BA's Videos of the night


Police Trap Roaming Alligator…Which Turned Out To Be Stolen

Only in Florida! Authorities received a call from a Sarasota resident claiming there was an alligator roaming free in her front yard. Sergeant Bruce King, a former Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission employee, captured the animal and soon noticed the gator’s snout was taped shut and it had been tagged by a trapper. It turns out the…

Taco Bell Opening A Full Blown Resort

  Who wouldn’t want to stay in a Taco Bell? The hotel that is. Taco Bell’s latest limited-time offer isn’t Nacho Fries anymore, it’s a hotel. The restaurant is taking over a Palm Springs, California, hotel and resort in its efforts to recognize the brand’s biggest fans. Reservations will open in June, and guests can start checking on August…

hy Bacon Is All Over Fast Food Menus Right Now

  Fans of fast food may have noticed more bacon than usual on their favorite drive-thru menus lately. In the last few weeks alone, there have been Bacon Big Macs, Bacon Cheese Fries, free bacon-topped fast food for a day, and Bacon cheeseburger giveaways. But all this cheap and free bacon isn’t just a coincidence…it’s…


Man Offers To Sell His Wife On eBay

What would you do if you came home from work one day to your wife nagging and whining about how you were burning the candle at both ends? Ignore her? Argue with her? Simon O’Kane decided to list his wife, Leandra, on eBay. Under the heading of “Used Wife”, he posted a pic of her…

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