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Blind Andy’s Video of the night (1/29/18)

Here are the best of the worst fails this month!

Past BA's Videos of the night


What’s Up With Madonna’s Butt?

The talk all around Friday night’s #RaisingMalawi charity event at Miami’s Art Basel was not about the cause, or the event itself. It was about Madonna’s ass. Specifically, what in the hell happened to it. The speculation is that the Material Girl decided to get with the times and get herself some butt implants to…

Steven Spielberg Criticized For Plan To Block Netflix From Oscars

I’m not fully aware of what’s going on here but what I just read does seem good at all. Why would you want to stop others from shining/sharing the light? … 7 12:32 AM – Mar 2, 2019 Twitter Ads info and privacy Steven Spielberg To Voice His Netflix Concerns At Upcoming Academy Meeting Steven…


Woman Faces Murder Charges Over Car Accident That Killed Her Twin

The Duval sisters’ strange life has ended in tragedy. Alexandria Duval was driving an SUV in Maui when the car went off a cliff and plunged 200-feet, killing her twin sister Anastasia, who was a passenger. Now, Alexandria has plead not guilty to the charge of murder she’s facing. According to witnesses, Alexandria and Anastasia were…

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