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Blind Andy’s Video of the night (1/29/18)

Here are the best of the worst fails this month!

Past BA's Videos of the night

Sliced salami and ham on plate, overhead view

Today is Salami Day

September 7th is Salami Day! Salami is cured sausage that has been fermented and air-dried. Countries like Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, and Spain each produce their own style of salami. The varieties differ in the coarseness or fineness of the chopped meat as well as the size and style of the casing. Although the exact…

Drunk Dude Can’t Find Convenience Store Bathroom…Guess The Rest

Here’s a story that has “Florida” written all over it. Meet 46-year-old Tampa resident, Daniel Colon. According to local officials, he wandered in to a Treasure Island 7-11 store looking for a bathroom. Sure, it could have been stealthy hidden, or not conveniently located…but most Colon couldn’t find it. So, rather than find a bathroom…

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