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Blind Andy’s Video of the night (1/29/18)

Here are the best of the worst fails this month!

Past BA's Videos of the night


LEGO Creates Stay-At-Home Dad Figurine

Who would have guessed LEGO would be the most forward thinking toy company? In case you missed it, the iconic block figurines will now include a stay-at-home dad option. He comes complete with a beard, a plaid shirt, and pushing a stroller. What’s more, he’ll be available alongside a working mom figurine.”We need to stay…

Ozzy Osbourne

Sharon Confirms Split with Ozzy Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne returned to her show The Talk Tuesday and addressed the news of her apparent breakup with her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon confirmed that the split was due to an apparent affair and that, yes, she kicked Ozzy out over the weekend. They still speak, she said, but she doesn’t know whether they will get divorced or…


Town Up In Arms Over ‘WTF’ Sign

The town of Woodbury, Connecticut is not happy with Tom Arras. The homeowner put up wooden letters reading “WTF” on his lawn, with the phrase “Woodbury Wastes Taxpayers Funds” written across them. Citizens and town officials are calling the protest an eyesore, pointing out the other meaning of WTF and calling for it to be taken…


Woman Arrested For Using Pizza As An ID For A Bar

The girl of your dreams might be hanging out in Amherst, Massachusetts. She just won’t be hanging out at Antonio’s Pizza again anytime soon. The reason that she has been barred from the pizza joint could, and should, become the stuff that UMass legends are made of. The unnamed 21-year-old was asked to show ID…

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