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Blind Andy’s Video of the Night (1/26/18)

Owner shows just how scary his German Shepherd can be… and it turns out he’s not very scary at all.

Past BA's Videos of the night


A father and son dressed in drag and robbed a store

Burglary may not a normal father/son bonding activity, but that’s precisely how Martin and Declan Pick decided to spend their day last year…and they did it dressed as two old women. As the story goes, 17-year-old Declan wheeled his 38-year-old dad into the store in a wheelchair, both of them wearing wigs and carrying purses.…


Our Computers Are Killing Our Eyes

While computers and smartphones can make life a lot simpler for most people, there are definitely negative effects associated with too much technology. One such problem area is our eyesight, with more and more people suffering vision problems due to too much time on the computer. According to he American Optometric Association’s (AOA) 2015 American…

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