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Blind Andy’s Video of the Night (10/26/17)

A group of news anchors try to eat a Carolina Reaper chip live on air.


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A “Three’s Company” Movie is In the Works

t’s time to “go and knock and their door” again, but this time on the big screen. A movie adaptation of the show “Three’s Company” is in the works. The series ran from 1977 to 1984 and starred John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, and Suzanne Somers, who played a trio of roommates that had to pretend…


You May Soon Be Able to Diagnose Cancer in Your Own Home

We all know that early detection of cancer is important when it comes to survival, and soon you may be able to diagnose yourself from the comfort of your own home. A scientist out of California State University is developing a 10-minute cancer test, which will detect the disease from a simple drop of saliva.…


The Hottest Baby Names Of The Summer

While there will always be a lot of parents naming their kids Emma or Sophie, or Liam or Noah, there will also always be folks coming up with unique monikers for their tot, hoping they’ll stand out for all the rest. Well, just analyzed their pages for the first months of the summer, comparing…

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