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Santa Doesn’t Want Cookies And Milk Anymore

With Christmas less than two weeks away, parents will likely be thinking about what cookies they’ll be making (or buying) with their kids to leave for Santa Claus, but it turns out they may want to rethink the snack they plan to leave out for the man in the red suit.

According to a new survey of Santas across the country, 54% say they’d rather have a warm cinnamon roll waiting for them by the tree on Christmas, with chocolate chip cookies coming in second (37%), and fruit coming in third (8%). Of course, parents may want to take this survey with a grain of salt, considering it was conducted by Cinnabon, which may have skewed the results a bit.

Another thing parents may want to reconsider is that glass of milk. With such a long sleigh ride in cold temperatures, it seems Santa would rather have something warm when they come down the chimney. The poll finds that 42% of Santas would prefer some hot chocolate with their late night snack, while 38% would rather the classic tall glass of cold milk.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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