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Face It, Employees Are Doing Their Holiday Shopping On Office Time

While it’s easy to go shopping crazy on Black Friday since most of us aren’t working, scoring deals on Cyber Monday (November 28th) isn’t as easy since many of us will be back at our desks. But a lot of people do take advantage of Cyber Monday deals, which can mean only one thing – they’re doing their shopping at the office.

A new survey by Robert Half finds that 49% of employees will do their Cyber Monday shopping at work, and they take great steps to hide it. In fact, 65% of employees say they’ve had to minimize their computer screen in order to keep their manager from catching them in the act.

Overall, 64% of workers say they’ve searched for deals during their lunch break, while 43% have done their shopping when they got bored on the job, and another 35% got sidetracked by shopping while searching online for something else.

And while folks probably shouldn’t use their office computer for personal use, many do just that, with 39% saying they use their office computer or device to shop online, with 17% using their personal mobile device, ad 24% using both.

Source: Robert Half

Florida Is Looking For People To Watch Crabs Have Sex

  If you enjoy being a voyeur and would like to watch horseshoe crabs have sex, have we got a job for you. The Florida State Wildlife Service is asking for the publics’ help in locating and reporting any mating horseshoe crabs so it can track these primitive but important creatures. Horseshoe crabs aren’t actually crabs,…

Amsterdam Considering Banning Tourists From Cannabis Cafes

  Visiting Amsterdam for some weed experimentation might soon be a thing of the past. The city is currently floating the idea of keeping tourist out of their cannabis cafes, and just leaving the hash bars open to citizens. It’s a move that, if put in motion, would be designed to “balance quality of life…

Study: Sugar Cravings Could Be From Lack Of Sleep

Can’t seem to stop yourself from finishing off that box of Girl Scout cookies before bed? Going to bed earlier might help. A new study finds a link between sleep deprivation and high-calorie food cravings, especially in women. The research on nearly 500 women between the ages of 20 and 76 finds those with poor…

The Mullet Hairstyle Is Making A Comeback

  If you’ve been paying attention to celebrity hair trends, you may have noticed a surprising cut on the rise. Thanks to singers like Miley Cyrus and Kesha sporting the ‘do, the mullet is back. Yes, the short-on-top and long-in-back style is all the rage once again, for stars and regular people, too. This “business…

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