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Senior Citizen Fights Off Carjackers

Anthony Mathers is a bad ass. A group of young men tried to carjack the 75-year-old British man, but he was having none of that.

According to the senior citizen, he was forced to stop while on his way to his usual stores by a man standing in the street and that’s when a trio of men forced him out of his car. They tried to drive off, but the engine stalled. Mathers made his way back to the car and grabbed his keys, but was assaulted. He still refused to hand his keys over and when local residents came to his rescue, the would be carjackers fled on foot.

“People of my age are entitled to a quiet life,” Mathers says. “They don’t deserve people coming up to them trying to get their possessions off them. I would fight every time, even if it meant losing my life. That’s how I feel about it.” In case you still think Mathers is someone to mess with, he allegedly saw one of the men had a knife and responded with “if you come close to me I will stick that knife up your bum.”

A 17-year-old is in custody after being arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Source: Mirror

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