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Prisoner Escapes Through Hole In His Door Meant For Food Trays

t turns out Russian prisons might not be as high security as you’d think. Rustam Shahrudinov, who was originally thrown in the slammer for theft, managed to escape by shimmying through the slot in his cell’s door meant for food trays. 

What’s more, the 25-year-old pulled off his escape at 4pm in full view of security cameras. The prison, which is in south-western Republic of Dagestan, is investigating how no employee on duty saw Rustam getting away and disciplinary action is being taken. 

In the meantime, the very skinny crook is still on the loose and according to local media, Rustam’s is well-known for squeezing his way into flats through tiny window spaces. Check out footage of his daring escape to the right.

Source: Daily Mail

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