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Neighbors In Nebraska Are Having A Blow Up Turkey War

  It all started innocently enough four years ago when the Friskopps family was given an inflatable turkey. They named him Tom. Amanda and husband Aron added a second turkey, Tomas, and then their third child questioned why there weren’t three. Across the street, the Vacha family put up just one turkey at around the…more »

Oreo Sweaters And PJs Are Here For The Holidays

  Still picking out your holiday sweater for this year? Oreo is here to help with their line of festive sweaters and pajamas. There are matching sets with a wintery pattern of Oreos, milk, penguins, polar bears and snowflakes, “pajamaralls,” which are like overall PJs, and a Double Stuf sweater made for two. And the…more »

Good Try: Dude Tells Cops He Was Speeding Home After Cheating On Wife

  Florida man Jon Earl Pickard has found some serious trouble in all aspects of his life. For starters, he was busted over the weekend by the Tarpon Springs Police Department. When asked why he was cruising at 90 miles-per-hour in a 55 zone, Pickard said he “needed to get home in a hurry because…more »

Woman Disgusted By Another Passengers Feet On Flight

  Imagine having the middle seat on a flight and as the plane takes off, the passenger behind you rips off their shoes and rests their bare feet on your headrest. That’s what happened to a poor woman on her flight recently. She documented the experience and posted it on Reddit. It didn’t take long for others…more »

Disney+ Has Massive Launch Day

  Glitches aside, it’s safe to say the execs at Disney were very happy with their Tuesday launch of the Disney+ streaming service. Running the numbers, they’re saying 10-million people subscribed on day one. Within the first 24 hours, the Disney+ mobile app was downloaded 3.2-million times…89% from the U.S. For comparison, on its first…more »

The Best Picks For Streaming Services

  Through the year, the streaming market has become over-saturated with options, and it’s hard to know which to run with…and what plan to choose. The experts over at Gizmodo went through them all and gave their rankings and recommendations. Best Netflix Plan – The standard plan ($12 monthly) Best All-Around Streaming Service – The…more »

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