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Weather Channel Hit By Malicious Software Attack

The Weather Channel has issued an apology to viewers after going off the air yesterday morning due to what the channel calls a “malicious software attack.” The network was off air for around an hour and a half before anchors could explain what happened when they returned. The network’s morning show “AMHQ” was due to…more »

Dude Gets Drunk At House Party, Wakes Up In Different House

Most of us have gotten way too into a night of drinking and paid the price the next morning at some point. On some occasions, waking up with that raging headache may have happened in unfamiliar surroundings. But one dude in Scotland took all those scenarios to a whole new level. In a video posted…more »

MLB Umps Missed Over 34k Ball/Strikes Calls Last Season

How important is the human element in baseball? Research from Boston University says that it might be time to call in the robo-umps. According to their data, last year umpires called 34,294 “incorrect ball and strike calls for an average of 14 per game and 1.6 per inning.” Adding insult to injury, they found that…more »

Man Wins Bet And Names Son Tiger After Tiger Woods Wins Masters

Some guys will bet on just about anything, even the name of their unborn child. A Texas man bet his wife that if Tiger Woods won the Masters, they would name their son after the golf champ. And what would you know? In fact, the couple was so excited about Tigers win, they actually didn’t…more »

Here’s What To Expect With PlayStation 5

Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 5 console won’t be around until 2020 (at the soonest), but the early word’s that it’ll absolutely be worth the wait. The “next-generation” system will be going through an entire hardware makeover, with a “third-generation AMD Ryzen CPU with 8 cores.” Gamers can also expect an “advance lighting technique” that currently only…more »

ew York City Restaurant Now Serving Up Dog Menu

  It isn’t often that you can diet with your dog but one Manhatten restaurant is now making sure you can. The Wilson now offers a menu just for your pooch and what a menu it is. The canine cuisine menu caters to “dieting” dogs as well as health-conscious pooches and comes complete with options like a…more »

Man Slices Off His Own Junk Over A Bad Dream

We talk all the time about making our dreams real, but Wahab Sa’adu should have rethought that. Why? A dream he had in 2015 featured three women “demanding” to have sex with him. But then, the horny temptresses asked him to drink “battery acid” before getting down with him. In a second dream, they told…more »

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