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Here’s What To Expect With PlayStation 5

Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 5 console won’t be around until 2020 (at the soonest), but the early word’s that it’ll absolutely be worth the wait. The “next-generation” system will be going through an entire hardware makeover, with a “third-generation AMD Ryzen CPU with 8 cores.” Gamers can also expect an “advance lighting technique” that currently only…more »

ew York City Restaurant Now Serving Up Dog Menu

  It isn’t often that you can diet with your dog but one Manhatten restaurant is now making sure you can. The Wilson now offers a menu just for your pooch and what a menu it is. The canine cuisine menu caters to “dieting” dogs as well as health-conscious pooches and comes complete with options like a…more »

Man Slices Off His Own Junk Over A Bad Dream

We talk all the time about making our dreams real, but Wahab Sa’adu should have rethought that. Why? A dream he had in 2015 featured three women “demanding” to have sex with him. But then, the horny temptresses asked him to drink “battery acid” before getting down with him. In a second dream, they told…more »

Your Beard Is Funkier Than You Think…We’re Talking Deadly Bacteria

  A man’s beard can be many things – dignified, stylish, rugged – but it can also be a Petri dish of nastiness. In fact, a recent study revealed that every single beard testedcontained bacteria. ProfessorAndreas Gutzeit of the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland was first curious if a human could pick up a “dog-borne illness”…more »

Horny Alligators Are Roaming The Streets Of Florida

  May is an interesting month for residents of Florida. Every year they have to deal with local alligators on the prowl looking for a mate. People are encouraged not to get in their way. Fort Myers police just posted about being dispatched to remove an eight-foot gator that tore through a homeowners screen porch…more »

Science Says We Should Talk More During Sex

  Are you a talker in bed? Lots of people talk during sex and if you’re one of them, you’re probably a lot happier with your sex life than the silent types. According to a new study, folks who communicate in bed tend to be more satisfied both sexually and in their relationships. Researchers asked…more »

Man Sues Parents For Trashing His Porn Collection

  A man’s collection of porn has driven a wedge between him and his parents. We’re not talking a couple cheesy skin mags, we’re talking a massive stash of stuff worth about $29-thousand. The plaintiff, who has been identified as “Charlie,” is seeking more than $86-thousand in damages because they destroyed his collection without warning.…more »

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