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The Top Mosquito Cities In The U.S.

  As we previously told you, lawn care company TruGreen recently came out with their list of the cities with the worst mosquito problems, and now a new list seems to have a little bit different of a take. Orkin has just released their annual Top 50 Mosquitoes Cities List, and for a sixth year…more »

It’s Science: Why Coffee Makes You Poop

  Over the weekend, doctors and experts specializing in gut issues gathered at the Digestive Disease Week conference. It was there where researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston shared research on something we can all relate to: why coffee makes you poop? Their studies show that coffee indeed has poop-producing powers…and…more »

Dad Punishes Daughter By Shaving Head

  All parents have different ways of disciplining their kids, but one dad is getting criticized for maybe going to a bit of an extreme. In a post that has since been deleted, the dad explains that his 16-year-old daughter recently got in trouble for bullying a student with cancer. The dad explained that there…more »

Latest Stupid Viral Challenge: Cow Kissing

  There’s a new idiotic challenge taking over countries in Europe, courtesy of the app Castl. The #KuhKussChallenge encourages users to find a random cow and kiss it…with or without tongue…it’s your choice. Animal experts are quick to point out that doing this can be dangerous because these are still animals, and there’s a chance…more »

Man Busted For Hiding In Bar After It Closed So He Could Drink More

  Apparently, it doesn’t matter if the bartender can’t see you when they yell, “Last Call!” S/he means it. Jason Daniel McIntire was doing some drinking at The Beach Club in Lincoln City, Oregon – and when it was time to shut the place down, he hid himself strategically in an “unused” area of the…more »

Airline Passenger Breaks Flight Attendant’s Leg In Scuffle

  Some people shouldn’t drink and fly. A drunk Aeroflot passenger has been banned from flying with the airline after he reportedly broke a male flight attendant’s leg during a dispute over a cigarette with other flight crew members before takeoff. The passenger, Maxim Pashnin, boarded flight SU1307 from Novosibirsk, Siberia, to Moscow without issue, though…more »

Taco Bell Opening A Full Blown Resort

  Who wouldn’t want to stay in a Taco Bell? The hotel that is. Taco Bell’s latest limited-time offer isn’t Nacho Fries anymore, it’s a hotel. The restaurant is taking over a Palm Springs, California, hotel and resort in its efforts to recognize the brand’s biggest fans. Reservations will open in June, and guests can start checking on August…more »

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