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Playboy Model Complains About Her Giant Chest Online

Some times it’s not all glitz and glamour for Playboy models. For one 24-year-old model from Australia, having big boobs is a curse. Simone Holtznagel opened up to her 100k followers on Instagram about how “big boobs suck” and how she would do anything to get rid of her E-cup breasts. She also warned other…more »

Cops Mistake Cotton Candy For Meth And Arrest Couple

Back in 2016, Dasha Fincher was driving with her boyfriend in Macon, Georgia when they got pulled over because their car window tint looked “too dark.” While she was a bit nervous about being pulled over, she and her boyfriend were very cooperative until the officer noticed a bag of what appeared to be crystal meth…more »

Youth Baseball Game Ends With Adults Fighting

    A Colorado youth baseball game was being played when all of a sudden all hell broke loose. Not with the game though, but rather with the adults watching it. About a dozen adults started an all-out brawl at the field during a seven-year-old little league game. The fight ended up spilling onto the…more »

New Book Gives Survival Instructions For Prison

  Before he was locked up for criminal damage, all Carl Cattermole knew about prison was what he’d seen on TV and in the movies. Once inside, he discovered it wasn’t the “bloodbath” that he’d seen on TV, nor was it the rehabilitative experience politicians pretended it was. After doing his two-and-a-half years, he started…more »

ex Dolls Made To Look Like The Deceased Partners Help With Loneliness

  The sex doll industry is a growing business with huge money-making potential. It also is a great way to combat loneliness.Jade Stanley is a mother of four and she launched “Sex Doll Official” in 2018. It’s a company which sells customizable dolls designed for different purposes. One of the services they offer is to create a…more »

“Hunger Games” Prequel On The Way

Here’s some exciting news for “Hunger Games” fans. Suzanne Collins has another book coming out, a prequel due for release on May 19th, 2020… and that means another movie is on the way, too. The book is set before the time of heroine Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence in the franchise. Collins has been…more »

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