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The Big Story– How People View “Vanilla Sex” Vs. “Kinky Sex”

We’re all people…and we’re all different. That’s why, when it comes to a question like “What do you consider ‘vanilla sex’ to be?” can get so many different responses. To get to the bottom of it all, one researcher put the question over 4,200 men, women, and people who identified as “non-binary” or “transgender” –…more »

Golden Girl Cruise

  Are you one of those folks who can’t get enough of “Golden Girls?” Are you ready to shell out at least a grand to hit the high seas and get your “Golden” on? If so, there’s a five-night cruise with people like you in mind setting sail in February 2020. Arranged by Flip Phone…more »

oman Flips Out Over Spanish Speaking Manager Of Mexican Restuarant

Some people are simply looking to be aggravated about anything. Fortunate for us, just about everyone also has a cell phone that can record these meltdowns that take place on an almost daily basis. Let’s take this white woman for example who while eating at the Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Petersburg, West Virginia, yelled at the…more »

Vegan Bride Bans Meat Eaters From Wedding

  We all know *that* person who swears by a vegan diet and thinks everyone else should, too. Sure, we’re used to them always talking about the way they eat, and trying to push it on us, but does it ever go a little bit too far?  Maybe. At least, that appears to be the…more »

Here’s Why Some Dudes Like Pooping Naked

  It’s a phenomenon that most men don’t feel the need to contend with, but other men know all too well: the psychological need to get butt-ass naked before “liquidating your assets.” It doesn’t matter if it’s in their palatial home bathroom or a public restroom – some guys simply muststrip down in order to…more »

Geekland– “Breaking Bad” Is Breaking Out Its Own Beer?

  Fans of “Breaking Bad” will surely remember Walter White’s brother-in-law, Hank Schrader. In addition to law enforcement, Hank enjoyed brewing his own beer – Schraderbrau– in his garage. Well, Hank didn’t end up making it, but his beer will live on. Sony Pictures has just filed a trademark for the name, and that leads…more »

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